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Technology has changed business exponentially. Companies that have the right systems and software and whose employees are proficient in their use, have a significant competitive advantage

After truly understanding the needs of each client, the MY IT team of consultants applies their extensive experience with existing and new technologies to recommend the best solution for each specific situation.

MY IT provides services for many types of hardware solutions. Equipment can be purchased directly from MY IT at competitive prices. The following list of items are examples of some of the hardware that MY IT can provide, deliver, install and service:

  • Personal computers, workstations, and laptops
  • Tablets and other mobile devices
  • Servers and storage
  • Phone and other communication systems

Implementing the appropriate technology is only the beginning of the process. Servicing and maintaining each system is essential to ensure that the technology continues to fulfill its intended contribution towards business success.

MY IT works with each client to implement systems to minimize the risk of costly downtime, lost productivity and repairs. This risk mitigation can include documentation, redundant equipment, proactive replacement,monitoring and maintenance.

If problems do arise,MY IT is equipped to assist in repairing systems and restoring functionality. When contacting our office during normal business hours, a PCS team member will promptly answer the phone and either fulfill the need while on the phone or schedule a consultant to address the situation. MY IT has an after-hours contact procedure in place to address emergencies that handle outside of normal business hours.


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For further query, call +91-20-3291 2246. Alternatively fill out the form below to get an instant service in Pune.


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Customized IT Solutions | Servers in Pune | Access Control in Pune

 We provide custom IT solutions tailored to suit your organization's needs.

MY IT provides basic to enterprise level software development to organizations across all sectors. Our strategic selection of software development methodology allow us to provide our clients with the best services. We enable organizations to analyze big data and help them make well informed strategic decisions.

MY IT offers high-end customized IT solutions to companies across the globe that helps in building strong business footings, through the use of our innovative technologies, business process management experience and processes tailored to maximize their competitiveness.
Our hybrid combination of pre-defined methodologies and frameworks, trending tools to improvise the effectiveness of development process, and laser-sharped focus on quality has continually helped our clients to derive competitive advantage by addressing the key business process whose solutions are likely to be found in the market.



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 For further query, call +91-20-3291 2246. Alternatively fill out the form below to get an instant service in Pune.


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Laptop/Desktop Rental Service | Corporate rental in Pune

MY IT Rentals is a trusted provider of rental laptops/desktops—ideal for either short-term or long-term equipment needs for businesses of all sizes and industries. Our laptop rental service offers fast delivery, setup, and support for orders large or small ! MY IT offers short- and long-term rentals. You only pay for the units you’re renting, and only for the rental period.

Whether your business is expanding its workforce or you’re organizing a training or corporate event, laptop rentals are the smart way to quickly put cutting edge technology into the hands of your employees!

Rent a Laptop/Desktop to Instantly Upgrade and Expand your Office Capabilities for:

  • Unexpected projects
  • Business expansions
  • Projects with special equipment needs
  • Temporary locations
  • Temporary staff

Many businesses prefer to rent laptop/desktop computers instead of purchasing the equipment and software–either to meet temporary needs or as a way to test out specific hardware options before committing to purchasing.

Our qualified technicians can configure your rental laptops/desktops/desktops with preloaded software and applications, establish networking and offer the laptop computer peripherals and accessories that will get your office computer setups running as fast as possible.


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For further query, call +91-20-3291 2246. Alternatively fill out the form below to get an instant service in Pune.


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MY IT, a Pune-based firm, has today established itself as a leader in providing various IT enabled hardware services. It is the result of strategic years of chiseling of technology, to serve the ever growing stringent requirements of the industry’s IT requirements.


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